Throttle Body Removal and Cleaning

As our XJs, ZJs, or anything with a 4.0 age they tend to have a build up of deposits in different places in the engine.  Filters get clogged up and need replacing, lifters can have gunk build up, and the throttle body and IAC can have a build up inside causing rough idles and a loss of power. And since we love our Jeeps we want to keep that from happening…. right?  This really is a simple task.  It took me maybe an hour taking my time.  I believe this would be a great first DIY maintenance item along with changing your oil.  Plus who want to pay somebody else a hundred bucks to do this?  Total cost was like $5.  And think what you could put that extra $95 to!  Maybe some fresh rims or meat on each corner, new tint, smooth shocks like Bilstein 5100’s, a new sound system, or even some great tools! The options are limitless.  Here’s the simple fix.

Let us know what you would do with the extra dough.