Lockers, rock rails, a 2″ lift and 31″ MTs

“I don’t think she’s gonna make it.”
“Something’s gettin’ broken on that thing.”
“Kevin, don’t pick up another rock!”

We XJ owners have heard it all, but somehow we always manage to follow the overbuilt TJs and JKs just fine…

This video illustrates several points:  XJs are as capable as any other Jeep.  Lockers are the single best mod you can make to an offroad rig.  Pick one spotter you trust and only listen to him.

The 4 things below are likely all you’ll ever need to build a fully-capable off-road rig. Assuming you can install most of them yourself, you can open most any 4×4 catalog and order these components for an XJ for less than $2,000.


“What are those, 31s?  Now, if I had some lockers in mine, I’d try it.”

Sure you would.  Sure you would.


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